dormitory room

  k79room - Dormitory Mix / Dormitory Female

    Dormitory Room Size 10 to 20 sqm. window and private lockers. And air conditioner in every room

    all rooms are air conditioner / 90x200 cm bed / pillow / blanket / private lockers to put 40x40x80 cm bag. Or luggage through / with plug / towel / towel head / shower gel and shampoo

    k79room is a Hostel close to BTS onnut station. For shopping very convenient. For travelling very easy.

our place is non-smoking. And not allowed to drink alcohol in Room 79

Dormitory 2 bed room size is 10 sqm. 
Dormitory 4 bed room sizes is 14 to 16 sqm. 
Dormitory 6 bed room size is 20 sqm.

k79room location is urban hub 160m. from BTS onnut Bangkok s newest neighbourhood, close to major transport link, and just a short commute to trendy shopping and dining districts of Thonglor and Eakkamai.